Penne with taro sauce and dashi soup

Penne with taro sauce and dashi soup

The other day, NHK was doing a program called "World's Best Pasta is this!" Among them, chef Kataoka Mamoru made pasta using taro as a sauce.

"World's Best! Pasta is this!" Program Website

"This may be able to match the dashi soup well"
I decided to try to make it.

I will use white dashi soup and kelp soy sauce this time.

Ingredients for penne with taro sauce and dashi soup

Ingredients (for one serving)

Penne ... 100g
Taro ... 3 pieces
Shiitake ... 3 pieces
Cherry tomatoes-around 5
Versatile green onion ... 1 bottle
Long green onion ... 1/2
Garlic ... 4 pieces
White dashi soup - an appropriate amount
Kelp soy sauce-appropriate amount
Salt ... Appropriate amount
Pepper ... appropriate amount
Olive oil ... appropriate amount

1. Steam the taro

First, peel the taro and steam it in the microwave.
Try to stab with a chopsticks, and if it seems that the fire is passing, it is OK.

Steam the taro

2. Cut other ingredients.

The green onions are finely chopped.
Cut leeks to a length of about 2 cm.
Shiitake is shredded.
Cut the tomato into four equal parts.
Garlic is crushed and peeled off.

Cut ingredients

3. Stir the ingredients while boiling penne

The penne is about 12 minutes long, but it takes about 10 minutes.
While boiling, stir each ingredient.

First, fry garlic and tomatoes.
You can also add pepper if you like.

Stir in tomato and garlic

Put the steamed taro into it and mush it.

Add steamed taro and mush it

Create a source by adding an appropriate amount of kelp soy sauce ,water boiled penne and white dashi soup.

Add water boiled penne, white dashi soup and kelp soy sauce.

Add shiitake mushrooms.

Add shiitake mashrooms

Finally put the boiled penne and fry it.
The taste is finished with salt and pepper.

Add penne and season with salt and pepper

Penne with taro sauce and dashi soup

Even so, I had never thought about making soup with taro.
This is a pretty delicious soup.
This time there is a white dashi soup with kelp soy sauce and shiitake mushroom, which makes it even more delicious.

This is a menu that I want others to try and have them make.