Beef shabu-shabu hotpot

Beef shabu-shabu hotpot

Because I bought beef for shabu at the supermarket the other day and there are plenty of vegetables, I will make shabu today!
It is a beef shabu with lots of vegetables.

dashi soup Is simply kelp only.
As delicious umami comes out from meat and vegetable ingredients, dashi soup I think you should not make it too complicated.

Ingredients of beef shabu-shabu hotpot

Ingredients (for two people)

Water ... 400 ml
Kelp-2 sheets
Beef slices-1 pack
Chinese cabbage-1/4
Radish ... appropriate amount
Green onions ... 1
Komatsuna-2 bunches
Enoki mushroom-Appropriate amount
Bunajimeji-Appropriate amount

1. Take kelp dashi soup while cutting ingredients

Cut Chinese cabbage, radish, green onion, komatsuna, carrots.
It feels like a photo. I will not write a detailed explanation (lol)
Let's relax the Enoki mushroom and Bunashimeji.

Cut ingredients

While preparing the ingredients, let fire through the water and kelp put in the pot and take the dashi soup.

Take dashi soup with kelp.

2. Simmer the ingredients

I picked out kombu which take dashi soup, and put vesitables in from a stiffer staff.

I will boil from hard vegetables.

If the fire passes through the vegetables and you have good dashi soup , put the beef and shabu-shabu. *shabu-shabu means passing meat in hot water

Beef shabu-shabu hotpot

This is completed.
I do not write much (laughs)

There is no such thing as a finished form of pot or pot.
It is something that changes while eating, so it is not a recipe ^ ^;

But it is delicious.
The umami of various ingredients oozes out, and the more you eat, the more delicious it becomes.
I think that is a pot.