Cold-made Dashi ratatouille

Cold-made Dashi ratatouille

It's been long time since I last renewed,
It has become hot summer, and I want to eat dishes using seasonal summer vegetables.
So I decided to cook Ratatouille today.

Ratatouille basically uses granules of consomme, but in this blog, I will try to use granules dashi powder And white dashi soup.

Cold product dashi soup Ratatouille ingredients

Ingredients (for 4 people)

Zucchini ... 1
Eggplant ... 2
Onion ... 2 and a half
Red paprika ... 1/2
Yellow paprika ... 1/2
Tomato ... 3 pieces
Garlic ... about 4 pieces
Granule dashi powder … 1 pack
White dashi soup … 2 tablespoons
Soy sauce ... about the secret taste
Olive oil ... favorite amount
Pepper ... favorite amount
Salt ... favorite amount

1. Cut the ingredients

Cut zucchini, eggplant, onion, red paprika, yellow paprika and tomato into 2 cm square.
Garlic is half minced, half is crushed and peeled.

Cold product dashi soup Cut the material of Ratatouille

2. Add ingredients

Apply olive oil to a frying pan and add garlic and aroma.

Garlic and fragrant

Next, fry onion, zucchini, red paprika, yellow paprika, eggplant and tomato in this order.

Onion, fry zucchini

Add red paprika, salmon paprika, eggplant and fry

Add tomatoes and fry

3. Flavored with dashi soup  and soy sauce

When the fire passes through the ingredients, flavor with granule dashi powder and soy sauce.

Granule dashi soup

Granule dashi soup Add

White dashi soup Add

Add pepper, salt and olive oil to finish.

4. Chill

Open it in a bowl and take coarse heat.

Take coarse heat in the bowl

When it gets cold enough, put it in the refrigerator and let it cool.

Cold-made Dashi ratatouille

Of course it is delicious to eat while hot, but in hot summer it is also recommended that you have cold and chilled ratatouille.
The taste is well-matched when it is chilled, and the umami taste is further felt

I think that it became ratatouille with a little sweet taste because I used granules dashi soup and white dashi soup this time.