Boiled of flatfish

Boiled of flatfish

On this day my wife can not eat too much grease,"Boiled of flatfish"I received the order of.

I think that I will try making this dashi soup for this "boiled fish" today.
dashi soup is No. 1 took on kelp and dried bonito dashi soup use.

> Here's the best way to make dashi soup

Made of boiled material (for two people)

Clean ... 2 slices
Two goat ... 2 bunches
Ginger ... 6 more (as you like)

dashi soup ... 300ml
3 tablespoons liquor
Soy sauce ... 3 tablespoons
Mirin ... 3 tablespoons
Sugar ... 1 tablespoon

1. Cut the ingredients

Cut the piece of ginger to about 6 pieces.
Because Hare is bought a fillet, I just put an incision in my belly.
This is a device to make seasoning taste easier to penetrate into fish.

Simmer the flatfish

Cut the green onions into easy-to-eat lengths.

2. Simmer the rice

Together with the seasoning, put it in a frying pan and pass the fire.
If it boils a little, put ginger, then put the garlic.

Put ginger in seasoning

Purely fire often passes, covered with aluminum foil to cover the taste soaked.

Lid with aluminum foil cleanly

Put onion on the way and let fire through for about 10 minutes.

Also simmer together green onions

This is completed.

Boiled of flatfish

Surprisingly simmered is easy.
It looks like it seems difficult, but I can make it easier because my labor does not take longer than I expected.

Actually this,The second "life boiled" lifeIt was w
Still, my wife was pleased that I was able to make it quite nice ^ ^

Personally I felt a bit salty, so I regretted that the amount of soy sauce was a bit more.
But overall I was satisfied as I was able to do it well.

In fact this menu, dashi soup you can also substitute with water without the juice.
In the recipe I saw, I did not write dashi soup and I wrote "water", so I'm sure it will be delicious even if made from water.

But,Since delicious taste should increase with dashi soup , it should be deliciousis.
Do not use dashi soup , I'd like to investigate how the taste is different if I make it with only water.
I think I will try it next time.