Fish miso soup with sardines boiled cans

Fish miso soup with sardines boiled cans

Today is the third phase of miso soup made with cans.
We used mackerel cans before, but today we will try using "Sardines boiled cans".

By the way, the miso soup recipe using mackerel can is here, before.
Fish miso soup with mackerel cans vol.1
Fish miso soup with mackerel cans vol.2

Ingredients (for one serving)

Sardines boiled cans ... 1 can
Carrot ... half
Tofu ... 1 small piece
Green onion ... 4 pieces
Shiitake mashroom ... 2 pieces
Kelp ... 1 sheet
Bonito flakes ... 1 grasp
Sake lees ... proper amount
Miso ... proper amount

1. Take the dashi soup

First, I will prepare dashi soup with kelp and dried bonito flakes.
Soak the kelp in water for about an hour and then put it on fire.
After a little boiling, take out the kelp and add the bonito.
Stop the fire after putting the bonito flakes, and when the bonito is sunk in the water, it is filtered to complete the dashi soup .

2. Cut the ingredients

Cut ingredients while making dashi soup .
Carrot is cut into pieces.
Tofu is cut into small pieces.
We cut green onions about 2cm at a time.
Slice shiitake mushrooms.

3. Add ingredients and miso

Add ingredients in the order of carrots, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, and green onions.
When the fire goes a little, turn off the fire and add miso.
Finally put favorite amount of sake lees into miso soup, and then, It will be completed after you put a little fire.

Fish miso soup with sardines boiled cans

Because it contains oil of boiled sardine, it will be taste with impact.
So it is better to add more miso than usual.
This time I put too much sake lees, so it was a thick miso soup (laugh)