Udon with chicken thigh and onions

Udon with chicken thigh and onions

I saw tweets of those who ate udon in Kyoto before this.
There,The sweet and refreshing oil of the chicken thigh meets the soup and the Kujo Negi was entwined, udon which seems to be deliciousThere was an image of.

As soon as I saw the picture, I thought "Wow, I want to eat this udon", but because the store can not go easily in Kyoto, I decided to try making it myself for the time being.

This dashi soup , kelp and dried flying fishI would like to make it.
And finally"Chicken kelp white dashi soup "I will try to arrange it.

Previously kawara CAFE & had been used in the lunch I ate in the DINING dashi soup , this "free-range chicken kelp white dashi soup because" has been used, I wanted to try using once.
kawara CAFE & DINING Shibuya Culture Village Street "Raia no Rare and Bowl ~ dashi soup Chazukeke ~" Shibuya

Materials of chicken thigh and goat noodles (for two people)

Udon noodles ... 2 balls
Chicken leg - 300 g
Green Onion ... two
Onions ... half

Udon Soup
Kelp ... 1 sheet
dried flying fish ... 1 tail
Chicken chicken white dashi soup ... 2 tablespoons
Tbsp 2 tablespoons
Mirin 2 tablespoons
Soy sauce ... 1 tablespoon

1. Make Udon Brewery

First of all, put the kelp and dried flying fish into the water and take the dashi soup slowly.
I did not have much time today, so I left it for about an hour.

Take dashi soup of kelp and dried flying fish

After that, put a fire and boil a little, then take out the kelp and dried flying fish .

Take dashi soup of kelp and dried flying fish

Chicken chicken white dashi soup then add sake, mirin, soy sauce, and prepare the taste of tsuyu.

2. Cut the ingredients

Cut the ingredients while making 1.
Green Onion is about 2 cm long and diagonally cut.
Cut chicken thigh to about 3 cm square which is slightly larger.

3. Boil the chicken thighs and put out oil

Put the chicken thigh cut in the udon sauce and put a little fire.
Then the oil of chicken thigh meets little by little.

Take out chicken thigh oil

4. Place udon noodles and green onion

When chicken thigh meat oil comes out, put udon noodles and cook for a while.
Finally complete with a bird.

Udon with chicken thigh and onions

This time it was a success!
Oil of chicken thigh meat penetrated into the noodles, it is very sweet and refreshing taste.
Kelp, dried flying fish -chicken kelp white dashi soup was taken in dashi soup even if the firm worked, there is eat Gotae.
Even though I say it myself, this was good.

It is not a thigh meat, but if you use the flesh, oil seems to be fresh and refreshing.
Next time I think I will try it.