Because I was busy with work on this day, it was about evening to eat lunch.
So, I would like to make the dinner a little lighter, so it's been a while since I have had it for a while.

I also like the tea pickled in Nagatanien, but here is one dashi soup Used "dashi soup Tea pickled " I will try to challenge.
So I bought some ingredients at the supermarket before I got home.

・ Brim sashimi
・ Salmon sashimi
・ Sashimi of salmon
・ Green onion
・ Three leaves

Let's make ochazuke by using this as ingredients.

Mushrooms, salmon and sea bream dashi soup (2 servings)

dashi soup Juice ... 200 ml
Rice-2 pieces
Brim sashimi ... 4 pieces
Salmon sashimi ... 3 pieces
Salmon sashimi ... 2 pieces
Green onions ... 2 pieces
Three leaves ... in the amount of your choice

1. Take dashi soup .

This time Kelp and bonito water dashi soup Use
Water that had been stocked for about a day dashi soup Warm in a pot.
After boiling a little, stop the fire immediately so that the flavor does not fly.

water dashi soup How to make is here>

2. Cut the ingredients

Cut sashimi into pieces of about 1 cm square.
Chop the green onions.

3. Serving

Put the ingredients on top of white rice and put them on the table.
From above dashi soup Add the juice and chop the three leaves with the amount you like.
This is completed.


Hm, I feel a little thin, I feel that.
A little longer dashi soup I can not feel the effect unless the taste of is well out.
This is a bit of a failure.
To Nihonbashi "dashi soup Because there is a shop that lets you eat "Chakezake", I will try to eat once and study the taste.