Taste of Trio! PRONTO's UMAMI pasta @ Shibuya

UMAMI pasta & Uji green tea lemonade @ PRONTO

There are many restaurants in Japan where you can taste delicious dashi soup flavor.
This project "One item that tastes dashi soup " is an article that introduces one item of such a store.

The 1st introduction of PRONTO's "UMAMI pasta".

Apo in Shibuya finished at noon and I was walking around Udagawa Town while hungry, I found an interesting tapestry.


" dashi soup culture" to the world UMAMI Pasta " And there.

I have no choice but to eat this item of the same concept as this blog! By saying that,
Of this shop, cafe & barPRONTOI entered.

PRONTO Shibuya store

This time I ordered"UMAMI pasta"When"Uji green tea lemonade"is.
I tried attacking with a combination of a little sum.

"UMAMI pasta" which you can taste the taste of dashi soup securely

UMAMI pasta & Uji green tea lemonade @ PRONTO

Since this "UMAMI pasta" is based on Vongole spaghetti,
In the first placeThe umami of the clamshell shell is firmly released.
The flavor of this shellfish is called "succinic acid", it seems to be umami ingredients.

It's just Vongola Bianco if that's the only thing, but if you say where is UMAMI,It is seasoned with sap-paste dashi soup made in Ibukujima in the Seto Inland SeaAnd then it was cut thick from the top of the pastaTopping with bonito raftersIt is that it is that.
Further thereDry tomatoes joined"Umami component" is plenty.

PRONTO UMAMI pasta menu Click here for details page


This is quite understandable, " dashi soup is a menu that can feel the taste of."
"Glutamic acid" of kelp, "inosinic acid" of bonito, "guanylic acid" of dried tomato, "succinic acid" of clamsThere are plenty of them.
It's pasta like a treasure trove of delicious taste.

However, actually "succinic acid" seems to have no gustatory synergy between glutamic acid and inosinic acid ^ ^;
Although it may be because it was a menu that makes you feel the taste of dashi soup ,
I thought whether it was not a feeling that I could taste the umami deeply.

I thought that it would be nice if dashi soup of soup was involved plenty of pasta noodles a little more,
thisPrice (790 yen)So, this degree of satisfaction was very satisfying.

Ubiquitous green tea lemonade of refreshing taste

Uji green tea lemonade @ PRONTO

It seems that PRONTO is targeting tourists coming from abroad.
It is called pasta which made the taste of dashi soup effective, this Matcha Lemonade is good, and a menu of good Uke is developed overseas.
Actually, since PRONTO looks similar to overseas pubs, there are many overseas customers.

Well, this "Uji mecha lemonade" is quiteRefreshing tasteso,
It was a very nice touch to drink pasta menu menu.
I wanted to say luxuriously, I guess I wanted a taste of Matcha for a while.
Feeling Matcha 20%, Lemonade 80%, I felt a sense of matcha slightly short.

Although I told you a little extravagance, PRONTO 's menu development was very interesting.
I'm looking forward to the next new menu! I am looking forward to it!