Harajuku Udon of Harajuku Masaya

Harajuku Udon of Harajuku Masaya

There are many restaurants in Japan where you can taste delicious dashi soup flavor.
This project "One item that tastes dashi soup " is an article that introduces one item of such a store.

This time, it is near Takeshita Street in Harajuku "Masayasu Harajuku" I tried to get into a set meal restaurant.

▼ Masayasu Harajuku

Recently, I have an apo in the Harajuku area, so I often walk around this area, but there are quite a few restaurants.
Not only chain stores but also many small stores are unique.
I am walking around the city and I feel like having fun.

Today as I went to try the back street of Harajuku next to the lunch before going to Apo, I decided to enter because there was a nice set menu restaurant.

In the menu of this shop "dashi soup There was something that I could not feel "" "Harajuku Udon" .
Basically udon soup is dashi soup What to make
If you eat udon, the shop's dashi soup You should know what it looks like.

I thought it would be insufficient if it was only a little udon, so it would have been nice to have a udon set-like menu
When I was waiting while thinking, "Harajuku Udon" came out.

Harajuku Udon of Harajuku Masaya

This is quite full of volumes.
And it's so transparent that the soup is clear.
The ingredients are also nice with meat and wakame seaweed, leeks and fried balls.
It's not tempura, but it's not easy to eat udon like this.

Harajuku Udon of Harajuku Masaya

Well, this soup is delicious.
I like A taste similar to the udon of Kitakyushu I did.
I am very rich, dashi soup Umami taste and sweetness spread in the mouth.
Because there is a base of this soup, the noodles and ingredients live.

This was a good chance to meet a capable udon.
I want to repeat it.