Ramen Nagi's "Great boiled rice noodles" and " dashi soup dumpling"

Ramen Nagi's "Great boiled rice noodles" and " dashi soup dumpling"

There are many restaurants in Japan where you can taste delicious dashi soup flavor.
This project "One item that tastes dashi soup " is an article that introduces one item of such a store.

This time, near Ikebukuro station"Ramen calm"I was interested and tried.

Ramen Nagi Ikebukuro branch

Today is the day of colon examination, I did not eat anything from the morning, and I had all the stuff in dashi soup stomach, so it was a fluffy state due to lack of energy.
The examination at the hospital in Ikebukuro was around 15:30 and I was walking in a state of stomach
" dried sardine Ramen"As I saw the letter 'Hafrafura', I went into this ramen calm.

What I ordered today"Great boiled rice noodles"When" dashi soup dumpling"
Because I was hungry, today I added dumplings without thinking about diet.
However, what kind of thing is advertising an adjective "wow" to bother the menu name (laugh)

Lunch time has passed already, but we will ask that customers are many popular shops.
So I waited for a while, but it came out.

Ramen Nagi's "Great boiled rice noodles" and " dashi soup dumpling"

at a glance" dried sardine Ramen"Impression that it looks pretty rich.
When you drink a bite soup, the taste of the dried sardine is dense.
Rather than dashi soup at dried sardine, it is a soup with dried sardine w
It is exactly "wonderful dried sardine ".
Although the taste of a thick dried sardine spreads in the mouth, there is no feeling that the stomach tends to be heavy in richness of rich system.
I feel unexpectedly eatable with it.
Truly " dried sardine dashi soup ". Essentially it is gentle.

Ramen Nagi's "Great boiled ramen"

Then," dashi soup dumpling"
Perhaps it is a water dumpling soup in dried sardinedashi soup soup,When eating with " dried sardine Ramen", the dashi soup of dried sardine ramen was stronger, so we could not feel dashi soup as much as " dashi soup dumpling"is.
I wish I had a bite before eating ramen.

Ramen Nagi's " dashi soup Dumpling"

No, but the taste of dried sardine was deep.
That should be it.

If you dislike dried sardine, please refrain.

A copy called 'w

Ramen Nagi "If you dislike dried sardine , please refrain."

I like this quietness or division.
I think that the edges work so it will be supported by customers as there is this.