Calbee's "Raised Potato Three dashi soup Salty Salty"

Calbee's "Raised Potato Three dashi soup Salty Salty"

This "Plan to taste dashi soup " project is an introduction of sweets using dashi soup which became a little nervous.

This time, Mr. Calbee's “Stick-fried potato of three types” dashi soup Salty. "

This “hard-bodied series” is potato chips that feature a crispy, crispy texture and taste that is trapped in thick chips.
Currently, a variety of flavors are available, this time for a limited time "Three dashi soup Salty " Was out.

As a researcher at dashi soup, I decided to open the bag late at night when I get hungry because I can not avoid this (avoiding avoiding w) . (You are getting fat, this is w)

This "three dashi soup"Salt" is Bonito soup, grilled dried flying fish, Kelp three dashi soup Using Glutamic acid and bonito soup with kelp dried flying fish Synergistic effect of umami with inosinic acid It is aimed at the

Calbee's "Raised Potato Three dashi soup Salty Salty"

I saw the raw material name.
"Teppo powder" "baked"dried flying fish Powder, kelp flakes etc, dashi soup System raw materials
Five types were also included.

And, before looking at the detailed name of the raw material, I will actually eat w
This is pretty solid dashi soup Taste of
And when it is combined with the texture and oiliness of firming, "It is impossible to stop" It becomes.

This is delicious.
As taste is strong, while biting one piece little by little. It is best to eat while feeling the taste in the mouth.
Moreover, it is more delicious if you eat it so that the taste is removed with the upper jaw and tongue instead of chewing with teeth.
Is a little vulgar ^ ^;

This is Calvie, I would like to sell it regularly as a regular product without being limited for a limited time.